How Porto Editora booked itself a smoother content creation workflow

Around 10 people are involved in the creation of any given educational or fictional book at Porto Editora (Portugal’s largest educational publisher). This includes authors, designers, photographers, and proofreaders — a number of who may be located remotely.

The team at Porto Editora 📚

Previously, these teams used two systems to collaborate on a given book and bring it to production. The first was a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, in which content was stored. The second was an information management system, in which content creators log their actions and times, then send along to the next person in the flow to continue the process.

The next person to work on the project would then go into the DAM to find the files, do their work, resubmit the files to the DAM, and log their actions on the information management system.

This kind of setup is typical of many book publishers. However, given the number of people involved, it could be a cumbersome process with little transparency. Furthermore, the publisher is looking toward a future in which digital is an increasingly significant part of its output.

“We had two challenges: to innovate our editorial production processes, and enable multichannel output.” — Rui Almeida, Head of Business Analytics at Porto Editora

A better way — integrated DAM, workflow, and content production

With collaboration of WoodWing partner PubliQare, Porto Editora implemented WoodWing’s DAM and content production solutions. This meant the organization could consolidate its two systems into an integrated solution, and take advantage of the workflow functionality to improve speed and transparency into the content creation process.

“There are two main advantages to working with WoodWing Enterprise. First, the overview of the workflow means you can easily access the system and see which stage a book is at. Second, the workflow provides direction on the way content creation and approval processes are routed through teams.” — Rui Pereira, Pre-press director at Porto Editora
Porto Editora’s processes have stepped up a gear, with some help from WoodWing and PubliQare ⚙️

In terms of digital, Porto Editora is still in transition. Enabling multichannel output for digital as well as print was a key consideration to future proof its business so it can offer customers the choice between channels. Porto Editora envisions a simple production process where the same content source generates all outputs — which is a key functionality of WoodWing’s content production platform.


With the improved clarity and transparency offered from workflow status and overview, Porto Editora now needs fewer proofs and feedback rounds to publish a book. The combination of WoodWing’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and Enterprise means it can consolidate workflow and asset management into a single system. Combined, these advantages are enabling the publisher to free up significant time to invest further in content quality or other areas and position their technology stack for a future in which digital will play an increasingly important role.

Read the full Porto Editora case study here.

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