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A Remarkable Journey

Few words to discover the Five ages of Communication

Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

Our lives today are marked by hundreds of social appointments that are evolving thanks to the multitude of new technologies at our disposal.

We, most of the time, use them unconsciously because they have become inexorably part of our culture, so we very…




A place for duuudes of all sexes, ages, religions, and coffee-preferences to hang out and shoot the sh!t about their latest creations, to brag, lament, query, or quote, it’s all good…

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Gianfranco Vigneri

Gianfranco Vigneri

Musician, graduate in communication and media, art and literature lover, writer for passion — Longing on a large scale is what makes history. (D.DeLillo)

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