An Open Letter to Everyone I Know

I may be a pensioner, but I’m NOT retired!

Bali, Indonesia, photo by author.

According to my dictionary, “retirement” is the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. Yes, a few years ago I sold my business, one that kept me busy 24/7 and on the road. I loved it.




A place for duuudes of all sexes, ages, religions, and coffee-preferences to hang out and shoot the sh!t about their latest creations, to brag, lament, query, or quote, it’s all good…

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Adelia Ritchie

Adelia Ritchie

Science lover, contributing editor at SalishMagazine.org, co-editor of The Open Kimono. Send us your edgiest stuff! https://medium.com/the-open-kimono

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