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1 min readJun 4, 2023


A Tribute to Susannah MacKinnie and Husband Steve

Image created by Susannah MacKinnie R.I.P I would love nothing more than to ask for her permission.

Although I never met you, you were my friend.
Always encouraging, nurturing like an elder sister,
too young to be me mum, now forever young in me head.

Your Kindness, and kindred spirit,
leaves me shocked to hear you left us, dear Susannah.

You left us with your tales, weaving wonderful creations,
stories entwined with poetry and art in your own unique style.

We miss you dear, Susannah, may you have the peace you deserve
along with pianist husband Steve, tripping the light fantastic
with nibble toe to twinkling piano keys, amongst nebulas, stars,
and supernovas, while skirting event horizons leading the way
for the rest of us to follow.

May your daughters, Jessica, and Rachel be comforted by the tributes you both receive for the memories and talents you left behind.

Always, my dear friend. See you soon enough. J. 🙏❤️✨✨❤️🙏

I learned of Susannah and Steve's tragic departure from this world today.
04 06 2023 Six months later…

for Rachel & Jessica

Thank you David Rudder for accepting and publishing this piece. 🙏🙏

Thank you all for reading and your precious time. Always. J.🙏🙏



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Woodworkers of the World Unite!!!

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