More than a clichéd expression

Photo by Gavin poh on Unsplash

Hakuna Matata (no problem) is not only Tanzania’s single most used expression that perfectly reverberates the country’s ubiquitous ease. But it’s also like a joyous melody continuously sailing off the Tanzanian lips — a warm welcome to a color-insane land where nothing ever seems to be a problem.
Hakuna Matata.




A place for duuudes of all sexes, ages, religions, and coffee-preferences to hang out and shoot the sh!t about their latest creations, to brag, lament, query, or quote, it’s all good…

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Kerstin Krause

Kerstin Krause

A seasoned traveler, a passionate writer on the stuff life teaches us, an aspiring motorbike rider. Find out more @ www.bike-n-soul.com

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