Photo by author


And the music
must be getting
rather boring
in heaven

when they took you

And now the world
in its sorrow
feels just a bit
more hollow

without your voice

And their blue skies
must not have shined
its sights imply
quite as fine

without your smile

and now the world
in your shadow
glows just a bit
more sallow

in the lost

beams of your eyes

and we knew this time would come
when days would grey
and long to feel… your touch

your songs refrains
will still remain
although its chorus will be… hushed

a deference in sustain
that fills the souls…
you’ve brushed

© 2023 Robert Trakofler

A poem a picture and a spoken word are nothing without a witness and for yours, I am always grateful thank you for reading and interacting with my expressions!



Robert Trakofler
Woodworkers of the World Unite!!!

Poetry & lyric writer, drummer & vocalist Owner of an art gallery, antique store, Vegan restaurant and performance venue in Pittsburgh called The Zenith.