Pop Sickle

Cuts for Current Culture

Image created by the talented Alexei Chizhov posting on that great platform, Pixabay.

What should be cut
from daily lives?
Things that hammer
evil designs.

Halt the abuse!
Conclude sinning.
Cut the misdeeds.
Bar news spinning.

It takes labor
plus intention
to enable

What good method
will ease such strife?
A curved sickle?
A butcher’s knife?

QUESTION: What is the equivalent of a tool that cuts through emotional weapons of mass conscious destruction?

NOTE: This post is a reason to embed a song I’ve been listening to lately. Mayer Hawthorne’s talent is in updating the Motown sound…and even when the lyrics are about “ills,” the sound and vibration are “heals.” At least to me they are. “Enjoy.”



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