Birth of a Universe

A long time ago in a Universe Far, Far Away…

James G Brennan
Woodworkers of the World Unite!!!
4 min readAug 30, 2022


Photo: J G. Brennan.

Episode I

Escaping Phantom Dark Energy’s Menace

A highly developed sentient being begins their rebellion, leaving behind a cold universe of menacing phantom dark energy bringing about ultimate destructive chaos searching to destroy whatever dissident opposing life is left.

With the aid of a rebellious black hole, creating a big bang almost fourteen billion years ago, they form a baby universe manipulating gravity to grow and expand just like their trillions of predecessors.

Releasing gravity, it relentlessly creates and destroys in a gigantic web of wonder with newly formed hydrogen and helium nebulas, stars, stellar masses engulfing black holes, and vast galaxies. Births from the death of supernova stars, radiation and gamma displays all captivate the sentient creator who can only look on in wonder as the universe reveals its chaotic form of sheer beauty.

Now a sentinel, who will eventually pave the way for others, trillions of years into the future to create new universes before inevitable cold menacing phantom dark energy takes hold.

The sentient was pleased with what he saw…

Episode II

Attack of the Space Debris

Five billion years ago, nebula clouds of hydrogen dust collapsed further and further into gravity until a star now known as the sun was birthed. Rocks bind together, accretion, to form planets around its network, amongst them the Earth. Pummelled by interstellar rocks, it uses its force, surrounding and penetrating, binding them together, to form a sister moon that stays with its elder sibling, creating life on earth. The rebels form a coalition unmatched within the solar system.

Perfect synergy.

The Earth begins its formation, violent volcanic eruptions releasing water vapour, along with water carrying asteroids, possibly, giving birth to microbes born deep within their newly formed oceans, creating plant life pumping out vast volumes of oxygen giving life to the world’s animals.

However, not before the great oxidisation caused by cyanobacteria through photosynthesis, turning the earth into a giant snowball, freezing the life they created to near extinction. Spinning adversity around, microbes melt their unintentional creation advancing their development over three billion years into miraculous life forms in seas and on land. The rebellion regains control over its mistakes, lessons for future ignorant life forms.

Meanwhile land is taking formation, splitting the Pangea separating it within the oceans. Plant life flourishes and mammals develop into mighty beasts only for a Dark Invader with its weaponised space debris to finally destroy Earth along with its wonderous creations, creatures and fauna alike.

The Earth fights a long battle to regain control, finally re-establishing its rebellious stronghold.

Episode III

Revenge of the Earth

The Earth welcomes Humankind to take its place on a now abundant planet. After human development, neuron excitement became too much as humans naively claimed Mother Earth as theirs in a split second of universal time, coveting and destroying that which did not belong to them, misguidedly believing they had dominion over Mother Earth.

Mother Earth reassesses. She finds their lack of faith disturbing, becoming inhospitable to a once welcomed human race, who realises not; she is a living breathing entity who has been treated with disdain. Mother Earth has dealt with far worse. Humans in their arrogance refused to learn this invaluable lesson, unlike the previous rebellion.

The few elites who escaped Mother Earths chastising could not escape their greed. Their lack of wisdom brought about their death star demise, seeing to it the human race for the stars saw them evolve no more.

The few survivors learned, living in peaceful harmony with Mother Earth banning Industrialisation, leaving their mother in peace to recuperate in a trillisecond of universal time. Then, the human race is gone; along with the tiny, impotent empire that destroyed itself.


This pummelling of space debris was the birth of earth’s volatile nature, spawning an aggressive human race, which sister moon kept in check. After all, most humans had an agreeable nature.

The earth is left to get on with mothering nature until the sun calls it a day. Universal entropy, business as usual.

Thank you David Rudder for accepting and publishing this piece. 🙏☘⭐

Thank you ScienceDuuude for hosting this third and final space-themed piece. 🙏💥🌀✨🖖🌏 Aye, it’s a nod to Star Wars.

Thank you all for reading and your invaluable time. Always. J. 🙏☘💥🌀✨🖖🌏🍻

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