Sand Between My Toes

For the Imaginers

A closeup of sand with calm water
Image By Author

A stranger walks along the shore
The water calm as glass
Their footprints leave a lonely trail
Avoiding those they pass

Their stare is off a thousand miles
Straight through the passers-by
With eyes so bright but focus spent
More answers to descry

Inside, their mind, their thoughts race on
Reflecting on the crux
The water’s edge provides a glimpse
A mirror glazed in flux

This shore, the brink; a cusp of choice
It laps around their feet
The stranger staring back is me
Though we are yet to meet

To take a dip, to make the plunge
The hesitancy shows
The chances always seem to pass
Like sand between my toes



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Walkey walkey

Walkey walkey

Just a guy in a workshop trying to tell a story. Runs a ‘woodworking’ blog and makes videos; www.timbertoneaustralia.com.au Also Small business & other insights