Waltzing Gargantuan Black Holes

Episode IV a new hope

Image: YouTube. Melodysheep

After the Sahara becomes tropical
After the constellations start to wander
After Betelgeuse goes supernova.

After stone monuments erode
After Mars' moons run rings around her and Saturn loses hers.

After Antarctica melts
After a major asteroid impact
After a new supercontinent.

After all plant life, including TREES, die, and the oceans evaporate.

After the sun runs out of fuel and its core begins to collapse,
expanding, destroying all life, then eventually the earth.

After the sun becomes a red giant, dying, becoming a white dwarf,
the same as all-stars do and will continue to die off one by one
in the cosmos plunging it into darkness without a big bang
bringing the age of starlight to its short and final end of just
562 trillion years.

After the cosmos is a junkyard, littered with dead white stars,
floating corpses, our sun only as bright as the moon on a clear night,
a ghost universe ejected by gravity Into the freezing void.

After the possibility of brown dwarf collision and neutron star formation,
Supernova light piercing the darkness.

After white dwarfs become black dense decaying matter one million times more dense than the sun.

Anything remaining in its own galaxy is now prey to supermassive
Black Holes.

Dormant Black Holes now trailblazing across the Universe devouring all in their path, swirling event horizons the only light in the universe,
the last source of power.

A once rich vibrant Universe full of nebulas, stars, planets and moons now almost barren.

After all this; it is the Black Hole Era, all matter has disintegrated to become radiation.

Now time is beginning to tick after its first few seconds have passed.

In around one million trillion trillion trillion years,
Black Holes become the monad of the Universe,
merging to become the main cosmic event,
gargantuan in size, dwarfing previous supermassive Black Holes.

Possibly trillions of times the mass of our sun
sending powerful gravitational waves reverberating across the Universe as they dance, creating their own light fantastic
to lightly trip upon, a graceful new kind of intergalactic merging.

Living out their lives waltzing in space-time singing their song,
yes, sound in space, a courtship before eventually becoming one.

Like all good things, even black holes will become extinct,
lighting up the Universe with their gargantuan explosions,
a radiance of colours possibly beyond known spectrums, the likes the Universe has never seen! Leaving it to its continuing expansion, driven by dark energy.

That’s another tale. Over to you S.D.

Source: YouTube. Time-lapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time. Melodysheep. Of course it’s all theoretical theater.

Dedicated to ScienceDuuude & R. Rangan PhD

Thank you as always ScienceDuuude for giving my words a platform. 🙏🙏
Thank you all for reading and your precious time. Always. J. 🙏✨



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