Why Is Cooperation More Difficult Than Competition For Many People?

We have imperfect models of minds, both of others and of our own

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

I think many of us view life as a series of problems to be solved more than a series of opportunities. We often have to focus on how to get our next meal, how to get to another location, how to protect ourselves from unpleasant weather, and so on. Sometimes those problems are caused by…



A place for duuudes of all sexes, ages, religions, and coffee-preferences to hang out and shoot the sh!t about their latest creations, to brag, lament, query, or quote, it’s all good…

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Jim Mason

I study language, cognition, and humans as social animals. You can support me by joining Medium at https://jmason37-80878.medium.com/membership