How to Create Your First Listing On WooHoo Rides.

So, you drive a cool vehicle and want to get more customers. Let’s get started.

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You are minutes away from posting your ride, adjusting your prices, and scheduling customers.

Our mission is to spread joy in the world — and we do that by helping the world’s coolest vehicle makers and drivers, like you, make money doing what they love.

Screenshot examples are from a Chrome browser on a laptop. Steps may look slightly different on other devices.

*If you have any trouble, request provider support at 888–600–1542 for immediate service.

Step 1: Sign Up at

Go to, choose “Sign up” (on an iphone, follow the hamburger menu to see “Sign up).

Step 2: Create an Account.

Put in your email, name, and choose a password. Next, verify your email address (you must Accept cookies by clicking “Continue” down below — or else you will not be able to see the buttons for the site).

Step 3: Verify Email, Enter Phone Number

Click the link in your email and then login to verify your account. Go to Account Settings and enter your phone number. We will use this number to make sure you don’t miss any booking requests.

Step 4: Complete Your User Profile

Go to your icon on the top right > choose user profile > edit profile.

On phone choose User Profile under the hamburger menu (three lines on top left). Or, on computer click User Profile under your profile icon (top right).

  1. Upload a new profile picture. This should be a clear picture of the driver’s face. *NO company logos.
  2. Write Bio. Should be 1–3 sentences about the driver (160 characters). This is similar to the “About Me” on Twitter. Be original, be honest. The point is to be approachable for potential clients. Make you sure you press “save.”

Step 5: Add a Vehicle

Now we have a proper profile. Go back to the home screen (WooHoo logo) and click “Add a vehicle” at the top right. On the iphone it will be under the hamburger menu.

Step 6: Create Vehicle Title, Description, Capacity.

This part requires the most creativity and thought. Grab a coffee if you need one.

Vehicle Title

The title should be unique and descriptive. Use all 50 Characters if possible. Some Title structures include: Adjective-Vehicle Type-Location-Event ... or … Adjective-Vehicle-Unique Aspect-Celebrity.

Human-Powered VIP Rickshaw-Once Rode LeBron James


Super-Glam Limo For Houston Date Nights & Parties

Vehicle Description

The first 3 sentences are the most important part of your description. Promise the greatest value in these first 3 sentences. The next paragraph you will explain options, pricing details and price changes, and extras. The last sentence should have a final call to action. Here is an example of an average vehicle profile:

  • Type of Vehicle: If unsure, choose “Other.”
  • Capacity: Please choose maximum capacity, but keep in mind you may set your price for your median capacity or minimum capacity and make price adjustments later. See examples.
  • When Finished, click “Location.”

Step 7: Choose location

Choose your primary service area by typing only a zip code, not your home address. If you are not sure where to choose, choose your most common/ideal place to pick up customers.

Step 8: Set Pricing

  1. Your price per hour is your standard rate that will show up on your profile. *There is ALWAYS an opportunity to raise or lower the quote depending on a customer request before they finalize through payment.
  2. If your price varies by event or by day, worry not, you will have a chance to fix this.
  3. Additionally, if this price varies by extras or # of passengers, choose the most common pricing.
  4. Next, start choosing day fees. If there is a day you are already frequently booked, you may want to consider raising your price for this day. Likewise, for a day you are not booked, you may consider lowering your price for this day.
  5. When you accept a booking, you will be able to confirm the exact group size and expectations of the riders before you settle on price. You will always have a chance to adjust the price.

*Day specific pricing is the hourly rate customers are charged for that day.

Step 9: Availability

Click any of the days to start setting your regular schedule. This is the default schedule for you.

Next, set your exceptions for the next couple months. These are days when you are working more than usual or perhaps on vacation.

Step 10: Photos

Before you upload the photos, look in your camera roll or photo folder and make sure your photos are landscapre and less than 20mb.

The first displayed photo will be the one that shows on your profile. Ideal pictures include:

  • Photos with customers having fun on your vehicle
  • Photo of entire vehicle
  • Photo of vehicle interior (if applicable)
  • Photo of you with your vehicle
  • Bonus points if you have a charming background (i.e. a parade in the French Quarter)

Step 11: Approval and Receiving Payments

Now we approve your listing on our end. We will reach out if we want to make any improvements to your photos or description.

  • The last step before you’re able to accept rides is to set up your payments. You will need your bank’s routing number and account number. Payments are processed the business day after a ride is completed.
  • After entering your account info many accounts will need to be verified — which simply means entering the address associated with your bank account and the last four digits of your social security number.

*We do not offer any other payout options other than direct deposits with Stripe.

Step 12: Drivers are Riders, Too!

Now, to become a customer on WooHoo Rides you will also add your payment method. This would be your credit/debit card. This is not necessary to finish your listing, however.


You can check out your profile by closing the menu, clicking the WooHoo Rides logo and finding yourself.

Please stay up to date with your inbox and check your emails for new ride requests. We will be in touch to help you sell rides and make sure you are not missing any opportunities to make money and have fun.

Read more at our WooHoo Rides blog to learn about how to start a party bus company, how to become a pedicabber, and much much more.

Here you can also learn more about completing a ride, staying up to date with compliance, and improving your WooHoo Rides experience.

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