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A trip to the App Capital of the World

There are expectations of greatness surrounding San Francisco when it comes to the technology industry. With companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Tinder, Tesla and Whatsapp emerging from the Valley, it’s hard not to expect something sensational from the App Capital of the World. And it’s fair to say that SF did not disappoint.

The city is buzzing with excitement from the upmarket, pricey bars to dingy hipster cafe’s. There are 3 types of people populating these venues: founders, commentators and job application. Everyone is either pitching or being pitched too. There is an optimistic atmosphere surrounding the city as the sense of opportunity for everyone is very present. It’s hard not to join bandwagon in a city where many cars are driverless and kids kicking about in their pyjamas are ruling the rest of the world. As you can imagine, wooju fit right in.

Onto the trip itself. The trip was a 7 day experience, taking 6 of Scotland’s most promising Entrepreneurs to SF, run by @WATF_ and funded jointly by RBS and MBN Solutions. The Entrepreneurs were as follows:

With a hunger for success, Scottish roots and the ambition to become a global player, there was no one contacted in the valley who would not take a meeting with the group. wooju met with individuals from Global giants HP, AirBNB, Bebo and 500 Startups. Meetings were also attended with RocketSpace, UKTI, Startup Basecamp, BrandGarage, Silicon Valley Bank and others.

The most notable experience for wooju was meeting with Investment Guru and serial Entrepreneur Eric McAfee who delivered an insanely valuable and inspirational speech at the Global Startup Summit ( The way Eric spoke and interacted with his audience was incredible. The wealth of experience and knowledge he has gained over the duration of his career is admirable. And most of all, his presence alone set a tone for the conference that was irreplaceable.

All in all, the trip was a fantastic opportunity to showcase a small section of Scottish talent in a place where there is no shortage of talent. The learning takeaway is that wooju is on course to becoming a Global player and the only disadvantage of not being based in SF is access to the incredible network. But we have a feeling that we will be back again soon.

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