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A monthly WOO Network roundup: August 2021

The Wootrade monthly roundup is no more! Our new name means a new monthly roundup title, and the first month of ‘WOO Network’ saw the launch of WOO X, the WOO X Mobile Beta (iOS), Margin v2, the official referral program, and a liquidity partnership with leading global exchange KuCoin!


August saw our official launch of WOO X and the beginning of the zero-fee revolution! Register and complete KYC to experience the lowest or even zero-fee trading and deep liquidity.

Front-end updates include:

  1. WOO X launched iOS TestFlight
  2. Staking modules are now modified to show Official Staking rules
  3. The login module is modified to add additional authentication
  4. Optimized the transaction module, adding locking and other functions
  5. Added the referral module
  6. Improved the KYC module
  7. Optimized the performance of K-line in weak network scenarios and add more time options
  8. Additional language keyboard support added for WOO X mobile
  9. Wallet module: modified the interest display and added the function of automatic interest repayment

Back-end updates include:

  1. Margin V2 is online and support risk control functions such as Haircut and IMR Factor
  2. Launched a new interest module, which can set interest rates and charge interest according to different tokens, as well as an automatic interest charging function
  3. Launched a new liquidation module, added BLP mechanism, and reduced the impact of liquidation on the order book
  4. Optimized the order processing module, transformed from a single process to distributed processing, and improved the load and performance of the system
  5. Archived historical order and transaction data, optimized the query efficiency of order and transaction data
  6. Added online referral module and automatic airdrop of referral commission

The WOO Token

Trading volumes were down across all exchanges during July, but the monthly WOO token burns must happen nonetheless. 48,930 WOO tokens were forever removed from the circulating supply. The burn can be found in this transaction

Business Development

As part of WOO Network’s democratization of liquidity, leading exchange KuCoin has now partnered with WOO Network to provide their users with better liquidity on popular trading pairs.


Building Wootopia (Volume 4) took place on Twitter Space, where our community got a chance to talk to CEO Jack Tan and COO Ran Yi about Kronos Research, marketing, compliance, and growth. You can watch the replay below:

Stay tuned for all WOO Network’s exciting developments in September!



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