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Confessing our passion for Pudgy Penguins

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of WOO X with us by learning and earning your chance to win a Pudgy Penguin NFT!

The diagnosis is in — we have Pudgy Penguin fever. Hypnotized by their pudgy cheeks and adorable beaks, we have fallen head over heels for Pudgy Penguin NFTs, and can no longer keep it a secret. From their golden crowns to fluffy dressing gowns, Pudgy Penguins are truly some of the cutest critters to have landed on the blockchain, and they are changing the game by spearheading the adoption of Web3.

Intent on spreading good vibes across the metaverse and playing their part in tackling the world’s ever-growing anxiety and depression, it goes without question that we support this cause. To demonstrate the extent of our support, we’ll be showcasing all of the Pudgy Penguins owned by the WOO Network team, as well as the reasons why we deem Pudgy Penguin NFTs to be trailblazers in the space.

*Read till the end to find the learn and earn campaign, where you can answer 3 questions and have the chance to be the lucky winner of a Pudgy Penguin NFT.*

Without further ado, let’s bring some of our team members through, so you can meet their Pudgy Penguins and hear first-hand how they came to pick their mates for life!

Hello pengs. I’m not a big NFT person but it’s pretty hard to resist the penguins. I’m fascinated by communities and love the idea of growing the WOO community alongside the craziness and energy of the Penguin community. Crypto is not meant to be boring and the way penguins unite people is pretty remarkable.

I’m the first pengu holder in the WOO Network team. As an NFT series featured in the New York Times, I think it deserves a higher status in the NFT space. With the new leadership, hopefully more people will be able to enjoy the cute pengus.

Nothing says business in the front and party in the back like a tuxedo and durag. Adding in the Cobie glasses and matching blue, I knew this pengu was for me!

When I first laid eyes on my penguin, the fate of the known universe was changed forever as we know it. Community, character, and charisma — three instrumental pillars of my life — seemingly converged into one harmonious event when I discovered the Huddle. Pudgy Penguins, wow, I’m a believer!! Please join us in the Huddle along this journey of discovery, where we’re sure to find peace, love, happiness, joy, hope, and an endless array of all good things. This is the opportunity of the double millennium. Miss this at your own peril. You’ve been suitably warned!

I simply like the penguin.

Pudgy Penguins have always been one of my favorite NFT collections. I feel nothing but joy when I look at them, which is not something I can say for many NFTs out there! Anecdotally, they’re also the only NFT collection my family has ever loved the look of, which is a testament to their universal cuteness. I picked mine specifically because he looks like he’s living his best life with his bear hat and kimono. I also of course had to get the circle glasses to include the WOO sunglasses and combine two of my favorite projects together in one PFP!

If Web3 has taught us anything, it’s that the long-term success of any project is inherently tied to the strength of its community. In an industry that innovates and adapts as quickly as crypto, what can be exciting one week can become forgotten about the next. It is only by bringing long-term value to our communities, bettering their lives, and creating a collective of like-minded, passionate individuals that we can hope to break the mold.

Pudgy Penguins and WOO Network could not be more aligned in this regard, with an inextinguishable fervor to add real value to crypto as a whole, empowering traders and NFT collectors alike. By democratizing access to deep liquidity and zero trading fees as well as spreading the positive vibes of the huddle, we can make crypto the space that it was always meant to be — one of kindness, community, and integrity. It is collaboration, not competition, that will pave the way for the mass adoption of Web3, and WOO Network and Pudgy Penguins are striving to set an example, with some exciting announcements to come…

Get a chance to win your very own Pudgy Penguin NFT by following these simple steps:

  1. Read this article to learn about our shared history with Pudgy Penguins
  2. Correctly answer all 3 questions in this google form
  3. Check out our 1 BTC giveaway for our WOO X 1-year anniversary

Winners will be announced on October 27th, so make sure to complete the quiz before then. In the meantime, make sure to follow WOO Network’s Twitter and keep up-to-date with all of their one-year anniversary celebrations!

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