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The strongest relationship in the Galxe

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of WOO X with us by learning and earning your share of $10,000 in GAL!

Only one of our partners can be described as being truly out of this world, and that title belongs to our beloved friends at Galxe! While our apps may be different, our values and beliefs couldn’t be closer, united by our shared mission to break down barriers and cultivate community in the crypto space. Galxe NFTs have earned their place in the tale of WOO, and in this short article, we’d like to share that story with you.

*Read till the end to find the learn and earn campaign, where you can answer 3 questions and have the chance to be one of 10 winners of $1,000 in GAL.*

WOO merch occupies a truly special place in the WOO community — awarded only to those who exhibit unwavering faith and ceaseless loyalty. Even to this day, when things start to feel gloomy and gray, Wooriors around the world don their WOO socks and suddenly everything begins to feel okay.

But Wooriors needed more, and Galxe opened the door by supporting our giveaway of 100 limited-edition NFTs redeemable for one-of-a-kind hoodies. Now serving as a badge of honor, these rare hoodies remain a timeless piece of WOO history worn only by those who live and breathe the WOO X mission of zero fees and deep liquidity.

Christmas comes but once a year, and Galxe truly stepped it up a gear in December 2021 with their Holiday Treasure Hunt! By banding together with a series of projects including WOO, this campaign served as the glue to onboarding a swathe of new WOOFi users with the promise of an exclusive Galxe Girl and Reindeer NFT.

This led to more than 7900 users staking WOO on WOOFi to receive a limited-edition NFT that would eventually serve as the key to unlocking an unexpected GAL airdrop. This campaign laid down firm foundations for our relationship to grow, as our community soon came to know in the New Year…

Tigers are strong, courageous, and confident animals that embody the very spirit of Wooriors. When the New year came, Galxe helped us to up our game, and celebrate Lunar New year in spectacular fashion with a limited-edition Tiger-themed OAT available to users who staked 888 WOO on WOOFi.

With a mission to train users in defense against the dark arts of DeFi, WOOFi’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaped into action in July of this year. Since then, 4 magical NFTs have been released, each requiring the user to complete a simple task and thereby grasp WOOFi’s magical features. Powered by Galxe, all 4 NFTs have now seen more than 7800 mints, qualifying many users for our much-anticipated WOOFi Wizard NFT and granting them exclusive access to the chamber of WOOFi secrets…

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of WOO X and all of the wonderful ways in which we have worked with Galxe, we’re giving you the chance to be 1 of 10 lucky winners each taking home $1,000 in GAL! Here’s how to qualify:

  1. Read this article to learn about our shared history with Galxe
  2. Correctly answer all 3 questions in this google form
  3. Check out our 1 BTC giveaway for our WOO X 1-year anniversary

Winners will be announced on October 27th, so make sure to complete the quiz before then. In the meantime, make sure to follow WOO Network’s Twitter and keep up-to-date with all of their one-year anniversary celebrations!

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