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Unveiling WOO X Mobile Beta: Key design principles and features

The long-awaited mobile app for WOO X has now been released in beta version on August 20 in iOS TestFlight. This article provides download instructions, previews of what you can expect, and highlights the key design principles and features behind WOO X Mobile Beta.

Screenshots of various interfaces in WOO X Mobile Beta
WOO X Mobile Beta’s integrated home screen
Various customizable layouts for WOO X Mobile Beta’s trading page

Download Instructions:

Beta Notes:

  1. Withdrawals and deposits are not supported in this version. Please visit WOO X desktop to initiate such requests. New features will be added in future releases.
  2. Note that the staking of WOO tokens is not supported on WOO X Mobile Beta. Please visit WOO X desktop to stake WOO tokens.

Stay tuned to WOO Network’s exciting developments!



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