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WOO Ventures to invest in projects providing strategic value to Wootrade, will share rewards with WOO holders

Benefits to be distributed partially among WOO token holders, sharing the value throughout the ecosystem

DeFi was made to be composable — many different protocols and assets can work together to make a more functional and lucrative financial system. There are countless new startups popping up in the space, and some of them will provide a lot of value if given the resources to expand.

What is WOO Ventures?

WOO Ventures was set up to identify early-stage projects that, as they mature, can provide value to Wootrade, the WOO token, and the blockchain space in general. In 2020, the first WOO Ventures investment was made in DODO, a decentralized exchange and aggregator that is now one of the leading DEXs by daily volume, with a fast-growing userbase on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). WOO Ventures has also made two other investments which will be revealed at a later date.

What’s in it for WOO token holders? Introducing the WOO Ventures token drop

Since the token holders in the community are a major part of the value that WOO Ventures can add to an early-stage product, it makes sense that they would also be a recipient of the benefits. The WOO Ventures token drop will return 50% of tokens received from the investment to WOO holders, either through WOO X, staking, or DeFi applications. This will also help early-stage projects to distribute their private sale tokens in a way that instantly aligns the interest of the entire Wootrade community with the success of the protocol.

WOO Ventures will identify a promising blockchain startup. WOO tokens will be invested into the startup, as an incentive for the project to grow and support Wootrade while providing tokens for future services. The startup will vest tokens back to Wootrade, which will be given back to WOO tokenholders.

Specific details on how the tokens will be distributed will come at a later date. Each project has unique rules regarding its token vesting and release schedules, so exact rules are difficult to lay out at this stage. The first WOO Ventures token drop will be announced at a later date.

How will projects benefit from WOO Ventures?

The blockchain investment space is highly competitive, with many VCs and private investors vying for deals. Unlike most investors, WOO Ventures can provide a lot of resources to help a young project expand, beyond just offering capital in exchange for discounted tokens. Below is a list of the following advantages that make WOO Ventures an ideal strategic partner:

  • Active liquidity network that connects to multiple exchanges and trading platforms, providing deep liquidity for tokens on secondary markets
  • The upcoming WOO X platform, an exchange for buying and selling tokens
  • An extensive network of market makers and institutional traders, including top quantitative firm Kronos Research
  • A strong community of knowledgeable investors and active traders
  • A growing presence in the DeFi space with WooFi pools and the Wooracle for on-chain quoting
  • Connections throughout the industry reaching verticals such as asset management, custodianship, security, investment, and other financial services

For more information regarding specific dates and projects, be sure to follow the socials below:




Disrupt markets, empower individuals

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WOO Network

WOO Network

Disrupt markets, empower individuals

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