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WOO X announces 30 days of rewards for Quantower traders

Download the Quantower app and trade for free on WOO X to win your share of 30,000 WOO and one Bitcoin

As of today, WOO X is now supported by the leading broker-neutral trading platform Quantower! This integration represents a major breakthrough in the journey towards mass democratization of zero-fee trading, enabling all professional Quantower traders to experience the highly liquid, zero-fee spot and futures of WOO X for the very first time.

Thanks to this update, experienced traders can now benefit from the best of both worlds, utilizing Quantower’s near-infinite trading tools and WOO X’s deep, institutional-grade liquidity to trade at the highest standards. Simply download the Quantower app, connect your API to WOO X, and away you go!

An integration of such significance deserves to be celebrated, which is why we’re announcing 30 days of free trading for new users who create a WOO X account and trade on it through the Quantower app before 2022–11–25 00:00 UTC. Zero-fee API trading (normally obtained by staking 600,000 WOO) will commence from the time of your first trade and last for 30 days.

Any fees paid in your first 30 days of trading on WOO X through Quantower will be rebated (paid in USDT) into your WOO X account within 14 days after the 30-day period ends.

On top of this, we even have some bonus rewards up for grabs!

  • One whole Bitcoin
  • Share of a 20,000 WOO prize pool (higher volume = higher share!)
  • 5,000 WOO to the trader with the highest volume
  • 5,000 WOO to the trader with the best PnL

These bonus prizes will end on 2022–11–25 00:00 UTC

You’ve discovered WOO X at the perfect time — right in the midst of our 1-year anniversary celebrations! By participating in this event, you’ll also have the chance to win one Bitcoin! This bonus anniversary campaign ends November 1st at 00:00 UTC, so make sure to act with haste if you want to be in with a shot of taking home this grand prize.

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