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WOO X opens its doors… and you can try before you buy!

To mark the beginning of the zero-fee revolution happening on WOO X, we are offering zero-fee trading for all staking tiers, a 10% margin interest discount, and a free withdrawal for each user for 2 weeks after the launch!

The 1800s marked a century of revolutions. From Aug 20, “1800” marks the century of revolution starting on WOO X. August 20 sees the WOO X floodgates open, alongside the launch of the Mobile Beta for iOS, and the release of Margin v2. The message is simple: Stake 1800 WOO on WOO X, get zero fees on your manual spot trades… or try it for free now!

Zero-fee trading sounds too good to be true? Well, from Aug 20 to Sep 2, you don’t need to stake 1800 WOO to find out: for 2 weeks, all users — current and new — can experience:

  • Zero fees on manual and API spot trading for all staking tiers
  • 10% discount on margin interest
  • 1 free withdrawal*

That’s right — you can try before you buy! Simply sign up to WOO X, complete the KYC process to gain access to trading on the platform, and experience the new revolution of zero-fee trading. Not a fan? Each user is entitled to a withdrawal fee rebate on their first withdrawal.

*The withdrawal fee will initially be paid by the user, however, the fee cost is returned through a rebate at the end of the campaign. Please refer to the WOO X support center for the campaign terms and conditions: https://support.woo.org/hc/en-001/articles/4405227854233-The-revolution-starts-here-WOO-X-launch-campaign.

Stay tuned to WOO Network’s exciting developments!

The content above is neither a recommendation for investment and trading strategies nor does it constitute an offer, solicitation, or recommendation of any product or service. The content is for informational sharing purposes only. Anyone who makes or changes the investment decision based on the content shall undertake the result or loss by himself/herself.




Disrupt markets, empower individuals

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WOO Network

WOO Network

Disrupt markets, empower individuals

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