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WOOTRADE Bi-weekly Update (2020/06/29–07/10)

Product News:

- Increased the function of transfer between margin and USDT balance
- Optimized cash withdrawal risk control mechanism
- Added PNL calculation

Marketing Highlight:

- HR Director, Vincent Wu, was invited by LRS (Leading Recruitment Service) as a guest speaker to the live broadcast “Fintech Yes or No (FinTech 可不可)”

- COO, Ran Yi, was invited by HOO.com as a roundtable speaker to “HOODEEP Talking (HOODEEP Talking 老朋友,說真話)”

- BD Manager, Audrey Yang, was invited as a host of Cypher Monkey’s Meetup “乘风破浪的公链们” during the Hangzhou Blockchain Week.

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