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Wootrade Monthly Update September 2020

Technical Update:
1. Add order type: FOK and POST ONLY;
2. Add DOT/USDT pair;
3. The margin function is developed;
4. Fixed an account default scopes issue.

Investment cooperation update:
1. Obtained investment from Three Arrows Capital, IOSG Ventures, QSN and Defi Capital;
2. Announced a strategic cooperation with Genesis Block, a top over-the-counter trader, and obtained its investment;
3. Obtained investment from Fenbushi Capital, Chain Capital, Tongzhou Capital, Vector Capital, AKG Ventures, Hengxin Capital, Golden Krypton Capital, Axia8 Ventures and Cabin VC;
4. Obtained investment from Dragonfly Capital and announced the completion of a $10 million private placement round of financing.

Market update:
1. Business manager Audrey Yang attended the “New Wave Meetup” organized by Wuya Community & Origin as the host;
2. Audrey Yang was invited to participate at the AMA held by Lichang: Triple Jump in Transaction Depth, revealing the secret behind the liquidity upgrade”;
3. Chief Operating Officer Ran Yi attended the Digital New Infrastructure Innovation Summit;
3. Commercial Director Neal Wen was invited to participate at the AMA held by HappyBlock: “Stalker” in the cryptocurrency trading market;
4. Ran Yi was invited to participate at the AMA held by the Snap Finger Research Institute: Who can defy the bulls and bears and cross the extreme market;
5. Ran Yi attended the “Defi Innovator Conference” held by Mars Blockchain in Shenzhen, and participated in the fire-fire dialogue and flash circuit performance;
6. Audrey Yang was invited to be the NFT art auctioneer of “Defi Innovator Conference”



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