How to Set up an Application on WORBLI

Dec 19, 2019 · 3 min read

If you have everything you need for your STO or Application and you don’t need any help with compliance, the instructions that follow will help you make your project live on WORBLI.

WORBLI is binary compatible with any other EOSIO based chain. The process and tools used for writing a WORBLI contract are the same as on EOSIO. The main difference is that the WORBLI compliance framework places a framework on who can create accounts as well as resource pricing. All the contract APIs are identical to EOS and other EOSIO networks.

It is important to remember that all applications and projects are subject to our WORBLI Terms of Service and Developer Terms.

Here are the steps…


  1. Create WORBLI Personal Account Instructions on how to set up a personal account can be found HERE
  2. Create a WORBLI Business account. Go HERE to set that up.
  3. Install binaries:
  4. Install the Contract Development Toolkit:


  1. Create your Smart Contract
  2. Compile your Contract


  1. Compiled .wasm
  2. .abi
  3. Purchase sufficient WBI for staking
  4. Purchase and stake sufficient WBI for CPU, Net and RAM
  5. Purchase appropriate RAM as needed
  6. Wallet with account key
  7. Deploy contract
  8. Execute Smart Contract

Do You Need Access to the Testnet?

If you would like to deploy on the WORBLI testnet first, the process is very similar to the WORBLI mainnet. The main difference is the account creation step. When you create an account for the testnet you will not go through the AML/KYC process.

To access the Testnet endpoints go here…

Do You Need CaaS or Help with an STO or App Build?

If you need CaaS (Compliance as a Service), legal/business consulting for your STO, or development for an application, the Agenix team offers services that can help. Agenix helps businesses and organizations unpack what they need. We evaluate what the business has for assets and where they want to go and then together, we look at the steps needed to help you grow your idea into a reality. Some businesses might need help with compliance or maybe UX/UI, perhaps smart contract or application development. Is the end goal a charity application, a new game, an investment tool? We help you understand what is needed to make your idea a reality.

Here are the steps to take advantage of these services…

  1. Send us an email and fill out a quick questionnaire. (
  2. Assessment call. How far along are you? Do you need access to the test-net?
  3. Evaluation & Cultivation: This is about ideation & discovering the specifics of your project.
  4. Proposal process: We create a proposal with a breakdown of costs.

Once the Proposal is signed…

  1. We move onto the build. Is it an STO an Application, a tool to utilize the blockchain for Compliance? We create a Scope and follow a plan to build what you need.
  2. Implementation, Audit, Review: When your application or STO is ready, we test on-chain to make sure it is secure and can do what you want it to do.
  3. Full Launch


  • Do I have to use the Agenix CAAS product to handle my project’s compliance burdens?
  • No. We do not require anyone to use our solutions. If you choose to use your own solution, we simply need you to submit something to us which documents the perceived compliance burden for your business and the high-level approach you will be taking to meet those compliance standards.

The WORBLI business development team loves working with great projects. If you think WORBLI’s state of the art financial services blockchain could help your business or application, send an email to

To learn more about WORBLI or create an account? visit

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WORBLI Ecosystem

WORBLI is an enterprise-grade, compliance-focused public blockchain network; enabling a fair and inclusive financial system for the world.


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WORBLI is the infrastructure for an efficient, honest, and accessible financial system for enterprises and individuals to unlock the potential of blockchain.

WORBLI Ecosystem

WORBLI is an enterprise-grade, compliance-focused public blockchain network; enabling a fair and inclusive financial system for the world.

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