The Soul Taker’s Exorcism

The Lone Mage looked with his Inner Eye at the Soul Taker from 50 meters away, across an empty lot in the middle of an area in Bonifacio Global City where buildings were still under construction. The warm summer night was illuminated by flames from these surrounding buildings however, smoke billowing up to the sky casting motley patterns on the gravelly ground of the empty lot.

The Soul Taker was a tall, wiry, bald man, wearing a tattered gray robe that had been torn and reduced to a short-sleeved hooded tunic, torn jeans underneath, and sandals on his feet. His eyes were opened wide, glaring, with this stark raving mad glint in his eye to match his insane grimace of a smile. He stood up straight with feet shoulder-width apart, arms off to the side at a slight angle, hands open. His entire pale-skinned body was covered head to foot in narrow bands of black runes, the names of the countless murdered victims whose souls he’d taken.

Lone Mage stood at a slightly crouching fighting stance, his indigo polymer mask missing a jagged piece on the left cheek, exposing his jaw and his own grimace, blood trailing down from the side of his mouth, his now-disheveled hair partially hanging over his right eye in unruly bangs, his short raglan-sleeved, indigo with gold trim, hooded, knee-length, leather jacket/robe, littered with scuff marks all over, and unzipped from collar down to his solar plexus, showing a partially burned white tank top underneath, his gloved hands raised in loose fists on guard in front of him, navy blue trousers tucked neatly into knee-high black boots, while he leaned back on his rear right foot’s heel, foot pointing off to the side at a 45-degree angle, his left leg resting only on the ball of the forward-facing foot.

At last the Lone Mage saw the Soul Taker’s aura, a chaotic mass of swirling red and black hatred. He couldn’t see the man’s thoughts at all, but he could at least now read his intent more easily.

And the intention was to attack — !

The Soul Taker, now laughing maniacally, stepped forward and raised a right hand at the Lone Mage. A ray of angry red light shot forth from it. The Lone Mage pushed off from his rear leg and lunged forward to the left, summoning the Air Element in a gust of wind that pushed him on his back, accelerating him into a veritable blur. The blood-red ray blazed by, missing his head and right shoulder only by mere inches. The Lone Mage closed his right fist as he gathered his Magick into a spell. His right foot caught up to his left foot at the end of the lunge, Magick focused on his feet momentarily qualified with the Earth Element to brake his movement with increased friction and weight. He then pushed off from his left foot, to lunge off to the right at a slight angle, the Earth Element letting go of his feet, and then again, the Air Element pushing him into a blur. Another deadly ray from the Soul Taker screamed by, missing his left shoulder. By the time his right foot landed alongside his left foot, the Lone Mage had already crossed more than half the distance to the Soul Taker.

Lone Mage blurred forward again with a third lunge, pushing off from his right foot, and reaching forward with his left foot. In mid-stride, he saw the Soul Taker’s hand pointed directly at him. Lone Mage couldn’t dodge, instead he outright parried the ray with his left arm, diverting some Magick into a shield specifically attuned to the Soul Taker’s erratic frequency. The ray bounced off his arm, but the Lone Mage still felt it burn. Already committed to his own attack, the Lone Mage tuned the Magick in his right hand further as he prepared to unleash his spell.

Lone Mage had stopped his third lunge only three meters directly in front of the Soul Taker. Pulling his right elbow backwards until his right fist was at his right hip, he lunged forward, pushing off from his left foot, the wind carrying him directly towards the target. This time, he landed into a low sideways crouch, his legs forming an arch as if he were riding the back of a horse, right side to the enemy, and as his body rotated in the movement, he shot his right hand towards the Soul Taker, the Air Element winding itself around Lone Mage’s right arm like a miniature sideways tornado and pushing it ever faster into a blur.

The Lone Mage struck the Soul Taker with an open palm right in the solar plexus, simultaneously releasing his spell, a shockwave kicking up dust and small rocks off the ground from the impact. A large, violet flaming Ankh burned itself onto the Soul Taker’s torso, the intersection of the arms and the upper loop blazing over his solar plexus. The Soul Taker slid backwards, his sandalled feet gouging ten-foot long streaks on the ground before coming to a halt. As the Ankh continued to burn, the souls trapped in his body started escaping, appearing as human-shaped white smoke rising from his body.

“NO!” the Soul Taker screamed as the Ankh grew larger, until it covered his entire body. Finally, in a flash of blinding violet light, all the trapped souls exploded from his body.

And silence.

The Soul Taker stood still for a few moments, then fell backwards to the ground.

The Lone Mage stood up straight, then cautiously approached. The now-unconscious Soul Taker lay on the ground, eyes rolled up into their sockets, mouth open in a silent scream, barely breathing.

The runes that had been on his body, the names of all his victims, were now gone.


[ Apologies for overshooting the word count. I wanted a fight scene, but owing to the fantastic nature of the characters, i couldn’t cut short the descriptions before the actual action begins. In realtime though, the entire action only takes place in only about 10 seconds, maybe less, since the Lone Mage necessarily had to move at superhuman speed to avoid the Soul Taker’s red light rays ]

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