How Much I Made After Writing over 50 Medium Articles?

My true earnings report


I have been writing on Medium for around a year now, and three months ago, I joined the Medium Partner Program (MPP).

I enjoyed writing and connecting with others through my articles. But let’s be honest — it’s always nice to earn a bit of extra money for writing as well.

In this article, I will share my experience with the Medium Partner Program, including how much I’ve made after publishing over 50 articles

My Earnings on Medium

When I first started writing on Medium, I didn’t expect to make a significant income. The chances of getting rich on Medium are slim to none, but earning a few extra dollars or even a few hundred dollars each month is a welcome bonus.

Before Joining the Medium Partner Program

For the first nine months, I wrote purely for the love of writing and to share my thoughts with others. During this period, my articles gained over 1k views. However, since I wasn’t part of the Medium Partner Program, my earnings were non-existent. So I decided that it is time to try earnings there.

After Joining the Medium Partner Program

Everything changed three months ago when I joined the MPP. Here’s a breakdown of my earnings since joining: