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The oracles of Time and Space
have stumbled on another Place —
Another side to the infinite spot
where time runs back to things forgot.

And all the Dark unseen might,
Is a thousand types of Light
Dancing Matter without care,
Neutrinos flitting through the air.

Where hatred loses memory
Where every life is set to free
I should have died and then been born
Into that Mirrored World, unworn.

Where galaxies are grains of sand
Where water rules above the land
Where creatures peaceful — safe abide
And Death recedes with time and tide.

How can I long for this unseen?
Is it a place my soul has been?
Why does my weary heart insist
On missing what ‘Does not exist’?




Thoughts that tumble out of the heart

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Asha Alaric

Asha Alaric

Bleeding Heart or Misanthrope. Depends on the day. Book hoarder. Coffee snob. Loves animals, plants, and at least 9 people.

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