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The White House dining room

The Crime of Doing Nothing

I’ll admit it. I love doing nothing. But I should be so lucky as to actually accomplish things in the process. Like an insurrection for example. For those 187 minutes that man did his best Emperor Nero imitation, twittering while the riot in the dome burned.

Set aside all the Big Lie-ing, forget his phone calls to election officials encouraging arbitrary changes to voters decisions, or sneaking in flat out whack job nutball conspiracy theorists for huddles in the White House.

During one of the darkest periods of our republic, a situation made even more tenuous by four longer than they actually were years of that man’s imposition of self over country, instead of listening to the adults in the room, he called his clown car driver Rudy to consult with his cabal of enablers in the war room across the street, just to backstop his delusional sense of entitlement.

And then he did the worst by doing nothing.

So, aside from all the other stuff. And aside from being just a fundamentally heinous human being, there is that. Acting by not acting. A vigil to see if his darkest dream might come true.

We should remember that time. It was a time when the absolute clarity of his narcissistic will to power came into view.

And it’s not just him. There is an entire school of political philosophy rooted in “might makes right” that holds this criminal activity and it’s warm embrace.

During the post 9/11 era, an aid to the Bush administration was asked about the process of rational appraisal that led to the decision-making that resulted after the attack. The aid said something to the effective of, “You don’t understand. You are describing the mindset of everyone else in the world. It’s not about doing the ‘reasonable’ thing. We who are in power use that power to act. And the rest of the world is left to make sense of it.”

Shades of “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” My point here is that he is not an outlier. In fact he fits nicely into the matrix of amoral power politics.

But then we come to that crucial 187 minutes where he abandoned us. You see it acutely in the faces of his most loyal staffers who knew in an instant what that callous neglect to his oath of office really meant.

Child neglect, manslaughter by gross negligence and failure to disclose terrorist acts are all crimes of omission. Dereliction of duty in regards to your oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution is criminal.

Unresolved, it becomes an existential threat to our country’s existence.

My contempt for that man is total.



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