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The journey begins

Isn’t it funny how as soon as we have something, no matter how long and hard you desired it, you’ll quickly acclimatize and almost immediately re-focus on whatever’s next.

The dream: making beautiful alphabet magnets that actually hold stuff

For literally years I had dreamed of having the courage (not to mention ability) to launch the product I had imagined: alphabet magnets that actually hold stuff. When we finally launched on Kickstarter after 7 years of dreaming and a year and a half of actively working on the product and brand, we were terrified. The thought of failing so publically was more confronting than childbirth. Honestly. But as they say, we felt the fear and did it anyway. Almost immediately the fear and trepidation dissolved into a frenzy of responding to messages, emails, trying to drum-up more traffic to our Kickstarter page.

Within four days we were funded. We did it without a huge media budget like many of the modern crowd-funding success stories. By the end of 30 days we were 220% funded and ready to produce our product. During the process we had also been lucky enough to be approached by our ideal collaborator who we had had dreamed of working with.

We dived straight into finalising suppliers and confirming costs, because now we had actual quantities to work with rather than just guesses. The process is all consuming — like emotionally being dragged through a bush backwards. Thousands of messages back and forth while trying to compare apples and oranges with eggplants while trying not to get fleeced.

After securing the vendors we trust and agreeing on pricing, it was then straight into setting up Wordbits as an official business and creating a business bank account, which literally took months and thousands of dollars (hadn’t seen that coming!). Once set up we were finally able to start paying people and could order product and packaging samples. We’ve learned about safety testing, regulations, how to create barcodes, whether magnets can be sent by regular post (some can’t), airfreight regulations, fulfilment, warehousing, magnetic flux density, accounting software and more, whilst trying to build a community on social media, keep Kickstarter backers in the loop, raise an extremely active toddler, plan and execute our overseas wedding and work a full time job (Wordbits is a side-project!). Phew, it’s been one hell of a six months!

But that brings me back to the point of this post and the importance of stepping back from the sometimes overwhelming pressure to acknowledge how far we’ve come.

It’s human nature to push onwards, looking towards the next horizon. But if we don’t pause to reflect on our gratitude we miss the best part — the journey.



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