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Even the happiest man on Earth needs counseling. One, to manage that bipolarity, and second, no one is that happy on the surface.

So let’s dig deep.

Patriarchy often dictates that men should be strong to that point of being emotionless and ruthless for the sake of reaching a certain goal. This is toxic, nor matriarchy.

There is only humanness, and as far as I know, humans are the hallmark of creation because of our emotionality. Take that away and we get an animalistic society, not in the wilderness but in urban life.

Suppress emotions and you get chaos, mismanage emotions and you get wars and poverty.

Life is meant to be experienced, and experiences can be either magnificent or traumatic, there is no in-between, no room for apathy.

When a person goes through life, we often absorb more than dispel. Therefore, through the years, we build these stack of emotions that ranges from rage to joy, manic to grief.

We also walk around this world constantly attempting to fuse exclusive concepts together and either we successfully create symbiosis or discord. One thing is certain, you will experience both, and that balancing act is why counseling is still a stereotype, perpetrated by a patriarchal society rather than a concept that is seen as critical to living life.

It seems that ever before, achieving Maslow’s self-actualization has become farther to reach. Counseling makes it a very pragmatic realization of something seemingly utopian.

In retrospect, our ancestors unknowingly championed the need for counseling as there is nothing else to do after a hard day of work but to communicate, comprehension is often strived for as there is no distraction to keep you away from it, unlike today.

Counseling is creating the framework of our lives, it is when you truly communicate with the authenticity that you build the blueprint that works for you. There’s a saying that the possibilities in life are endless, do we really comprehend this adage if we clutter our day to day with depressive stacks?

Counseling is a must such as basic mathematics (not Trigonometry!) and knowledge in science. How come it is not being empowered at such a young age? Because it is mistakenly thought to be weak, is it weak to communicate? to be true to yourself? or at least to be in the process of being so? Your true potential will be unlocked once you truly become self-aware.

Counseling is a must because empathy is monumentally needed and yet futile in today’s society, and we are society.