Once in a Full Moon (Fiction)

Wordcast Media


After a thousand years, these two lovers meet again.

This time, it seems different and yet so familiar.

Eternity has been kind.

She was standing on the precipice of a full moon while he arrives on a lonesome comet passing by… and came into a purposeful halt.

Finally, the moon and its comet drifting in the vast universe, together.

He reached out to give her a perfect rose. She glanced and asked “No thorns?”

“I’ve figured you’ve been hurt enough, so I took them out.” He replied.

As she gently grabbed the thorn-less rose… weary and yet curious, the moon fades into crescent.

Her shadow is gone and he is left with her moon dust, as he whispered into the abyss,

“See you again in a thousand years, darling.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Originally published by: www.wordcast.ca