Pressing Buttons

I’m constantly pressing different buttons to test which one is most effective.

If I press a button and discover that I start procrastinating, I press some others until I have found one gets me back on track.

Yesterday I finished the blog planning to start dissecting Tim’s sentences into single words so I could start learning them.

Today I was procrastinating doing it, so I had to take a step back again and reconsider if this strategy was still effective.

I pressed a few other buttons and found one that worked: I instantly looked up the lyrics of this same song (Calema — A Nossa Vez) I’ve been listening to for the past days and pasted them into Wordeys. Way more fun!

I asked my Brazilian friend again to double check if the translations were correct.

Takes a minute and you’re off.

That’s fine! The goal is communication, not perfection. :)

I practised them with flashcards before switching to the test, and after an hour or so I continuously scored 100% in both language directions. Yay! :)

I now know that he wants to travel the world he sees in her eyes, ha! Happy to realise I just took the first stones out of the brick street.

Here’s the list if you want to learn the lyrics of the song too.

E nunca mais fugir ;)

On your learning journey, what buttons can you press to get excited?