2 Measures For Your Wordpress Website That You Must Not Ignore

Wordpress can be easily deemed as a popular and feature-rich platform. One of its most significant features is the scope of customization the platform provides. The open-source code of the platform and the availability of a variety of plugins allows for extensive customization. While custom wordpress development has allowed the platform to become a favorite to a variety of website owners, there are two significant measures that are often overlooked by most website owners. The two measures are upgrading your Wordpress website and using a responsive theme. Both measures upon implementation can help a website owner tap the full potential of the platform. Let us see what makes these measures important:


Many website owners are not aware of the benefits of upgradation and skip this important step, making their websites vulnerable to malicious attacks. Let us see what makes Wordpress upgradation important:

1)Website Security: Every wordpress update comes with a slew of security fixes, making an update extremely important for enhancing website security.

2)Ensures Compatibility With New Plugins: New plugins give scope for fresh and improved website functionalities, which further contribute to an ideal user experience. So, if you want your Wordpress website to be compatible with newly released plugins, upgrading your Wordpress website becomes mandatory.

3)New Features: Every new version of Wordpress offers a slew of new features for developers and website admins, both. For instance, the Wordpress 4.6.1 version offers under-the-hood features for developers, and features such as editor improvements for the end-user.

4)Performance: Upgrading the theme, plugins, and Wordpress itself improves website performance significantly, which further renders an optimum user experience.

Using A Responsive Theme

Reports indicate mobile phone internet user penetration was a 52.7% last year. The percent is only estimated to grow, indicating a great need for websites to be responsive, that is, easily adapt to the device screen on which it is being viewed. For Responsive Wordpress Development, one needs to use a responsive Wordpress theme. The advantages of using one are:

1)Convenience: When using a responsive theme, one is not required to make separate designs for a website’s mobile, tablet and desktop version. A single website design can be used for rendering an optimum UX to users across a range of devices.

2)SEO-Friendliness: Google favours responsive websites when ranking on a mobile search engine. Thus, a responsive website makes your website rank better in search engine results.

Considering the significance of an optimum user experience, the above-mentioned measures are highly important for Wordpress website owners to implement. While upgradation enables an optimum performance for your website, responsiveness lets users across a range of devices to browse your website easily. Moreover, it is important to note that upgradation not only enables an optimum user experience but also protects your website from hacker attacks and offers new features for admins and developers.