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The Design Thesis

A model for helping people become better designers

Last week I wrote about building a design practice as a means of producing better work. A…

A Framework for Building a Design Practice

Don’t just do design, practice it.

For the better part of the last 5 years, I’ve spent my time leading and building…

The Digital Metaphor

Skeumorphism is dead. Long live the Digital Metaphor

The very first time I used one, it happened without me even noticing. It was four or…

Why I don’t use a Swiss Army Knife for my daily meal 

About limited functions and unlimited freedom

Content is Kebab

Three culinary metaphorical assumptions on designing a good interface

Assumption number one: there is no such thing as a good or a…

How Apple got lucky with ios 7

Chrome to content transition

When Apple introduced iOS in 2007 not many would have known how it worked.So to aid learning, there was lots of chrome employed in the OS.

Fast forward, six versions and six years later, most of the world knows what is iOS . People have figured out how everything works.So suddenly, the…

Letting go of what is, for what could be. Postulating what’s next.

a conversation on design, a look into a possible future, and the value of design beyond it’s…

(Design != Pretty)

Design is being mindful and thinking deeply about who you are designing for not “creating something pretty”

The Pitch TV Show reveals how agencies are treating their partners like one night stands

where ideas are smashed, self esteems are murdered, and being a leader means…

Tim Ferriss: Metahacker

Tim Ferriss presents a systematic way to hack “expert” skills.

Tim Ferriss is the author of The 4 Hour Chef. I interviewed him in 2011…

Don’t waste your time on the trivial

Richard Koch on applying Pareto’s 80/20 principle to life

Richard Koch is an Entrepreneur and Investor and bestselling…

The Loneliest Human in the Universe

Al Worden on Flying to the Moon and Coming Back to Earth

Col. Al Worden is an Astronaut, Engineer and the Command Module

Doodle Your Way to Success

I always knew of the importance of visual thinking and had taken advantage of information graphics to speed up my learning curve on various topics, but had never…

The Ekalavya Effect: A Parable for Internet Learning

In the forest, Ekalavya diligently treated his clay image of Drona as his teacher and practiced the yoga of the bow, observing

Redesigning Mailbox for iOS 7

Faster, lighter, and more focused on what matters.

Simplicity is not the absence of clutter — it’s getting to a place of almost naive obviousness, where what you need to do seems clear and inevitable.
Jony Ive

Medium: The beautiful love-child of Magazine and Slush Pile.

I’m hooked on Medium. Stories here are still alive. They’ve escaped the death by a thousand red lines of an editor’s pen…

Designing User Interfaces for Your Mother

Takeaways for keeping your interface friendly to the friendliest of people you know. Your mother.

How Diagrams Solve Problems

Three common problems that trip up your creative process, and how diagrams will help you solve them

What is supposed to work around what?

Design vs. Functionality

So many times I have seen people try to fit the content in a design element they just created. I have…

Make Every Pixel Count

Your eyes were designed to explore a rich and physical world. But you’re looking at a screen right now. In fact, you probably spend a lot of your day looking at a…

Dare to be Boring

Is flat design just a fad or is it progress? 

I’ve typed and deleted many words since the flat trend began in the design community. Many of those…

Can Design Scale?

My morning starts off with my favorite cup of tea, email, some meetings and then it’s time to fire up photoshop. Surrounding me are 15 engineers — zoned in on writing clean…

The best creative idea of the year?

Why I hope the E.ON energy saving experiment by Sweden’s Forsman Bodenfors wins big at Cannes.

Words About Design
Words About Design

I have no idea how this site works

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