A poem for all of the couples whose weddings were cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19. Your venue will re-open, your day will come, and your love will bloom.

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Moon gate | Flowers by Rebecca Marsala Flowers | Photography by Lumiere | Wedding venue Ashridge House

The glasshouse waits, across the garden,
unassuming in the foliage.
Arched windows beckon us inside:
“Bring forth your love,
here, once again”.

Our love in spring was tightly wound:
alone, together, bound to wait.
But time locked-in relaxed those threads;
freed us to grow -
to cultivate.

The spring of us rolled into summer.
Days of longing have unfurled,
like ferns;
new details of our love
while we waited to rejoin the world.

Behold us, like anemones:
we opened up between these walls.
Outside they fought the enemy,
while more in love
we dared to fall.

We kept on growing, bold as tulips!
Our hair like wild grass, left uncut.
A canopy of blossom burst,
above us
while we stayed ‘just us’.

Now open up those doors and diaries;
and behold the size, and strength —
the powerof this partnership
to live, and love
at any length.

Out of the shadows, through the palms;
before their eyes, we’ll shine our light.
I’ll walk with you, shrowded in Ammi,
through the moon gate
on our wedding night.

Read a conversation about this collaboration between Amy Knight (poet) and Rebecca Marsala (florist).

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Wordsmith . Storyteller . Poet . Collaborator . Writes about love. Listens to what human hearts are whispering and sings it out loud. IG: @amyknightwriter

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