Proud to be Part of The Gypsy-Entrepreneur Tribe

Why I’m willing to travel and do art shows in the warm months.

My tent is the one with the green dragon tail flag. Author photo

Many of my close friends are artists of the gypsy-entrepreneur tribe. They earn a large portion of their income by creating fabulous stuff during the cold months and traveling to art shows during the warm months.




A collection of stories that’s the reverse of “a picture is worth a 1000 words.” These stories of gazillions of things I’ve drawn and wondrous things I’ve made, span decades. Custom art, done right, tells the story without words. It takes a lot of words to get the art right.

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Lynda Wallis

Lynda Wallis

Deeply rooted in the mid west, I write about little things — everything is a little thing-art, the creative process, the natural world, and love.

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