The Haunting Garden

Planted with love, my garden now haunts him

“Haunting Garden” original illustration by: Lynda Wallis

“Faith in the future is found in planting a garden.”

For weeks I’ve been reading this phrase written on the chalkboard hanging in my kitchen, refining a word here and there. I think I’ve got it.

Gardening IS a leap of faith.



A collection of stories that’s the reverse of “a picture is worth a 1000 words.” These stories of gazillions of things I’ve drawn and wondrous things I’ve made, span decades. Custom art, done right, tells the story without words. It takes a lot of words to get the art right.

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Lynda Wallis

Lynda Wallis

Deeply rooted in the mid west, I write about little things — everything is a little thing-art, the creative process, the natural world, and love.