The Broken Carousel

You stared out into the sky

As the day slipped silently away.

Every one ends the same as it begins.

With change and hope, and moods so high.

This was the last time you’d date.

The last time you’d try at bliss romance.

Every one ends the same as it begins.

Not wanting to give up on fate.

Soaking up the spilt merlot.

You’re on your knees and so undone.

He slipped out before you could punish him.

Now you can’t stop the tears that flow.

Alone with your thoughts, it’s hell.

You could pull the pin but then you’ll see

The dreams that you built just melting away.

You were shaken last time you fell.

You cannot keep doing this.

Your spirit splinters in shards of ice.

While your core beats until the last fight,

Fleeting sunshine you cannot miss.

As time heals and soothes anger’s bruise,

Your state of mind can try again.

If only you could remember last time.

Sometimes it’s worth it when you lose.

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