11 Gift Ideas For Your Mom On Your Birthday

Yes, you read that correctly.

A good mom.

It’s weird that you get gifts on your birthday. You did nothing.

It’s weird that your mom doesn’t get gifts on your birthday. She did everything.

Let’s fix that.

  1. A blank Thank You card. Write something sweet in it. Like “Hi, Mom. I am here because of your construction skills. Thanks for building me. I love you and now I’m going to give you a hug.”
  2. A Condolences card. To be purchased if Mom’s labor was particularly difficult thanks to your stubborn and naked little booty. Note: I would get my mom one of these cards. SORRY, MOM.
  3. A You’re Welcome card. Because you’re awesome and she could use a reminder.
  4. A really good picture you took of her when she wasn’t looking. Moms are good at laughing and smiling. Snap a pic of it.
  5. Flowers. Hot take: Flowers are a terrible investment and an even worse symbol due to the fact that they wither and die quicker than Amazon ships to my house. This, of course, does not keep me from buying them. The lesson? I am a hypocritical moron.
  6. A playlist filled with songs she loves. Better put “What A Wonderful World” on there just to be safe.
  7. Something you really want. “Hang on. You don’t have any use for Horizon: Zero Dawn for PlayStation 4? You don’t even HAVE a PlayStation 4? Shoot. Sorry, Ma. I’ll return it.”
  8. Read something aloud. Could be a story she read to you when you were little, or a chapter or two of a favorite book. Anything, really. She just likes hearing your voice.
  9. Take her shopping. Give her a spending limit and tell her she can’t sit down until she goes over it.
  10. Show up unannounced at her place. Bonus points if you live hours away. Prepare to be fed.
  11. Cook her a meal at your place. And then be on your guard, because she’ll try to do the dishes behind your back. A bush league Mom move. Do not let it happen.

1 Gift Idea For Your Dad On Your Birthday

A high five and a phrase like, “Nice shootin, Tex!” Every dad loves that more than any gift you could buy. Because dads are nothing but children with responsibilities and back pain.

Key Takeaway

If you’re close with your mom, give her a gift on your birthday. She loves you. She worked hard to bring you into this world. Do it.