15 Other Ways to Say Submit

A particularly pernicious problem for product people.

The universal metaphor for “submit” is this piece of classic hardware, and this picture is from wlodi on Flickr.

I never had a problem with the word “submit” until I started writing for interfaces, which is when I realized that there’s some shadow organization that mandates the word on every single call-to-action button ever.

Sometimes “submit” is good, because it’s clear, but most of the time it is not good, like to-be verbs.

The next time a designer asks you for some generic button copy, let’s try these alternatives, okay?

  1. Enter
  2. Send
  3. Go
  4. Start Your Engines
  5. Finish Him
  6. Verb representing whatever the button actually does
  7. Do The Damn Thing
  8. Approve
  9. Down Periscope!
  10. Launch
  11. Share
  12. Apply
  13. Begin the Countdown
  14. Use an icon, if you must
  15. Quack!

This was inspired by Luke Trayser’s post on using words other than “solutions.” You should avoid writing solutions, too. And follow his other advice, because I did and it freakin’ works.