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7 Musicians Who Will Help You Write Like A Champ

I love music. A lot.

Unfortunately, if the track has words in it, my words get taken away. Considering I’m a copywriter, this is not ideal.

To compromise, I’ve built a playlist of wordless music that skyrockets my writing productivity. Here’s a baker’s six pack of great artists to write to. Enjoy.

Ludovico Einaudi

Who? Italian pianist. Composes classical music.
Use when: Concepting. His work generates big ideas.
Go-to track: Divenire. Check out the violin dude’s face at 1:55 of this video. He is like OMG BROS IT IS NOW ON.


Who? Duo that blends rock and electronic.
Use when: Mundane tasks are piling up. Time sheets, emails, etc. These guys liven that stuff up.
Go-to track: Loud Pipes. Almost impossible not to hum along with the melody at work.


Thomas Newman

Who? Film composer. Randy Newman’s brother, I think. I refuse to fact check myself.
Use when: You have a tight deadline. The WALL-E soundtrack will make you feel like a hyperproductive robot with a heart of gold.
Go-to track: Define Dancing. ❤

Béla Fleck

Who? What do mean, WHO? This guy plays the banjo like girls played with my heart in middle school.
Use when: You’re in the rough draft phase. Get all those words on paper, kid. Edit later.
Go-to track: Big Country. Not to put too much pressure on it, but this is what I picture the afterlife sounding like.

Ronald Jenkees

Who? Oh, nobody. Just the reason YouTube exists.
Use when: You’ve had a rough day and you need a boost.
Go-to track: Stay Crunchy. Look at this guy. Harry Caray glasses. Plaid fedora. “HELLO, YOUTUBES.” Then, BAM. Spits fire from his fingers.

Explosions In The Sky

Who? A rock band without a singer. Their best songs sound like high school, perhaps because they are responsible for the Friday Night Lights theme.
Use when: You’re stuck. Just close your eyes and picture Tim Riggins.
Go-to track: Your Hand In Mine. Seriously, though. I’m happily married to a beautiful woman who knows me like no one ever will, but if Tim Riggins hit on me, I’d probably hear him out.


Who? If you’re honestly asking me this, I’m afraid we cannot be friends.
Use when: You’re ready to scream “Productivity can EAT IT. I need me some ROBYN.”
Go-to track: Her newer stuff is pop magic, but come on. It’s always been Show Me Love.

So that’s my seven. I hope this story leads you t0 something new that you love. Now it’s your turn. What artists are great for your productivity? Let me know, either here or on Twitter.

On a final note, if you enjoyed one of these tracks, it’d be mighty big of you if you clicked the green heart down there. Have yourself a head-bopping, song-humming day.

Day-after edit: I forgot Tycho. My bad, Tycho.

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