A ski resort used a 1-star review in its (brilliant) ads, so now I’m inspired

3 helpful reminders for creatives everywhere.

Luke Trayser
Sep 20, 2017 · 3 min read


Snowbird is a resort in Utah known for its difficult slopes. After some bro named Greg from L.A. gave them a 1-star review because the mountain was mean to him, they created a print advertisement starring his review.

Helpful reminder #1: Cut the clutter.

Look at how simple the design is in that ad. A gorgeous photo is allowed to be the star of the show while the URL, phone number and logo are buried in the footer. Greg’s review is the ONLY piece of copy in the entire thing. It’s incredibly ballsy and brilliant.

Helpful reminder #2: Embrace the negative.

Snowbird knows they have a tough mountain. It’s kind of their thing. The weakness Greg documented in his review is actually one of the main positives of the entire resort, so they decided to have some fun with it.

Helpful reminder #3: Cherish your adventurous clients.

Do you know how many marketing directors either A) kill your 1-star testimonial idea instantly, or B) drown it with hundreds of additional words? Because the answer is all of them. They all do it.

Shameless plug:

The agency I actually do work for has a brand new website. We come to work every day with the belief that B2B marketing doesn’t have to be a snooze. Check it out here, have a look around and feel free to leave us a 1-star review.


In all my fawning over Snowbird and Rally and Struck, I neglected to mention Snowbird’s adventurous marketing director. Shoutout to Dave Amirault. He’s a solid Twitter follow, btw.

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