The best copywriting tip I know

Make sure you’re having fun.

We’ve all been assigned something we have no interest in, be it an essay at school or a project at work. If you’re anything like me, these tasks cause you to go into full zombie mode. You drag your feet. You mumble and growl. You drool an inadvisable amount.

Coincidentally, the undead pile of trash you eventually turn in causes your reader to enter a zombie state of their own. This is because — buckle up for some boldface type — your words cause readers to feel things. If you hated what you wrote, chances are they did, too.

You have a choice. Do you want to enjoy what you’re working on, or do you want to limp your way through it?

I advise you to enjoy it. There are ramifications that go beyond you.

Things that happen each time you hate what you’re writing

  1. Anyone who reads it feels like you wasted their time.
  2. You feel compelled to bury it, not share it. It dies unnoticed and unloved.
  3. Your reputation takes a hit.
  4. You write less. Your skill suffers.
  5. The universe gets worse by an imperceptible amount.

Things that happen each time you enjoy what you’re writing

  1. Anyone who reads it likes it, too.
  2. You’re proud of it and you share it. It gets noticed.
  3. Your reputation grows.
  4. You write more. Your skill increases.
  5. The universe gets better by an imperceptible amount.

Call to action

Take pride in your writing. It’s okay to be thankful for the skills you’ve been given. It’s okay to find the fun in everything you write. Enjoying yourself is what will make you write more, and writing more makes your writing better.

Have fun. Your readers will, too.