Some Badasses I Know Thanks To Medium

18 of them, to be precise

Last week, I joined a vastly overpopulated club: People Who Bitch About Medium By Writing A Whiny Story On Medium. We are a cantankerous group of never-smilers. Under absolutely no circumstances should we be your +1 at a party.

Truthfully, Medium is the coolest. As a writer, I love being able to simply type without having to worry about backend shenanigans. As a notification junkie, I love that my potential audience is built in. And as a searcher, I love finding people who write things that are beyond anything I could ever hope to create. It makes me grateful and jealous all at once.

I’ve known some of these people for mere days. I’ve known some of them for almost a year. Some are just getting started on Medium, and others have the platform figured out. Despite the fact that I’ve never met any of them face to face, they’ve made me laugh, made me think and affected who I am.

Here are 18 ballers I know. There are artists, authors, copywriters, parents, poets and students. Click, read, follow.

kelly catchpole

Robb Clarke

Kerrie L. Cooper

Savanna D'Amato

Kate Dolan

Jeff Elkins

Tom Farr

Bill Hinchen

Cole Kennedy

Courtney MacDonald

Paul Malan

Kaleigh Moore

Heather Nann

Lisa Renee

Jay Rooney

Kyle Sergeant

Pete Shelly

John Ward

Medium, thanks for being our Emma Woodhouse. I have a feeling that someday you’ll find your Mr. Knightley. It’s probably someone ridiculous like Snapchat or something. lol gross.

Let’s keep this love train rolling. Who do you want to give a shoutout to? Let me know who else I should be following.