This is the ONLY thing you need to do to become a multi-millionaire.

Warning: This is the worst kind of content on Medium.

Luke Trayser
Feb 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Hi. It’s me.

Oh hang on. You don’t know who I am?

Shhhhhhh. Here’s an Elon Musk quote.

“We’re going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I’m hell-bent on making it work.”

There. Due to my insane ability to google Elon Musk quotes, I think it’s obvious I know what I’m talking about. You’d be a fool to ignore me. Don’t ignore me. Hey. HEY. Keep this tab open. I’m about to change your life.

Look. You seem smart. You see through all the nonsense out there. So I’ll level with you. There are so many articles that say “Do these X things right now to become a multi-millionaire.” Even on Medium. If you need help finding them, check the “Self Improvement” or “Entrepreneurship” tags.

Here. I’ll show you.

July 13, 2017 story by Benjamin P. Hardy:

October 4, 2017 story by Elle Kaplan:

November 7, 2017 story by What I Learnt On Wall Street:

February 5, 2018 story by Benjamin P. Hardy

In case you’re wondering, yes, those two Hardicles are virtually identical. Go ahead and read them and marvel at the sheer audacity it takes to post the same content over and over. His newer article now has 15 things you must do instead of 14, and the cover photo stars that gorgeous entrepreneurial heartthrob known as Elon instead of that SUPER old and TOTALLY gross Warren Buffet. BLECH.

Oh, if only you’d read his article last summer! If you had, you would have only needed to do 14 things to be a multi-millionaire instead of 15. What an idiot you are. How do you even keep yourself alive? Oh well. Lesson learned.

Anyway. Where was I?

Ah yes. Independent wealth. Thank you. I do apologize for getting a tad angry there. I just get so mad at these snake oil salespeople who give a daily dose of blue balls to every dreamer, thinker, and inventor out there.

14 things to be a multi-millionaire. 10 things. 6 things. 15 things. HOW MANY IS IT? One of those authors actually wrote “MEDITATE” as one of the tips. I mean, really. Are you just listing hobbies and writing them down as wealth tips? Come on.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Do you want to become a multi-millionaire? Do you? Oh, I think we can do better than that. DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE?


Put an uncomfortable percentage of your paycheck into a mutual fund, and do it every paycheck for 40 years.

Congratulations. You’re a multi-millionaire.

The end.

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Words for Life

20% inspirational, 80% not.

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