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Art Jones
Art Jones
Dec 10, 2014 · 5 min read

The Story of Arthur Jones

Recent portrait done for Graphic Design course.

My biggest secret is the fact that I was not always the young man you know. I was antisocial and God knows I hated to talk to people.

Every time I tell this to people, I get responses similar to “ You’re lying.” “ You, no way.” “ Art(hur), stop lying.”

But it’s true.

Arthur Jones, used to be once timid and shy, once in his life. In certain cases, I would even hide under my grandmother’s skirt because I felt like she was the closest thing to acceptance.

Holistic, raw acceptance and I could only find it in the comfort of Grandma Lilah.

I’ve always had this big personality, that makes me the individual that I am. If you remember in one of my older posts, I told you guys how my mother never took me to the grocery with her in my toddler years.

To this day, she blames it on the fact that I “made friends quickly,” and would “ strike up conversations with strangers at the speed of light.”

In the words of my aunt, “ I was a big fish in a little pond.”

I think the evolution of my personality came from me evolving myself because I was growing up, I was no longer a child, had two siblings looking up to me, and I about to embark into a new transition: high school and all I wanted if not to be loved, was to be respected and that’s carried over into the human I am today.

But what keeps me going now, is “ Will I stay the big fish in the little pond -OR- Will I become a big fish in a big pond?”

And to be honest- I wish I was under the skirt right now.

However Grandma Lilah is more than a foot shorter than I am.

Freshman year. Mom, Grandma and I.

I was asked to write a piece on what am “I” passionate about.

I’m a millennial for God’s sake, I’m passionate about everything, photography, videos, multimedia, art, fashion, story telling. I feel like I should have been a Black novelist in the Harlem Renaissance, a Black model in 1920 in Paris, however we can’t always get what we want.

However, we can make the lives we want, with hard work ( combination of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights) and plenty of dedication.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

Out of all of the things I am passionate about, one stands out the most. The ability to be heard and to either be loved or to be respected.

My voice. It’s the one thing that I have that makes me the individual who I am.

Not Tyra. Not Oprah. Not Steve. Not Wendy. Not Rickey. Just Art.

So I ask myself- how can I take this fear and turn it into fuel to make me a big fish in a big pond?

Realistically I’m unsure about this, I mean I have a right to not know everything, I’m only 20. I’m hoping that my faith, dedication and hard work will lead me to opportunities that will push me further in life.

What though will kill me , is having all of this personality, all of these gifts and not being able to impact this world, to tell the stories of the unknown, to learn more about our world and to share my story and habits with those eager to learn.

That my friends is my fuel.

You may ask, why am I writing this post about I and not you?

Because in order to love you and the world better, I have to love myself. I have to find my inner self in order to be that voice that tells the world to “ WAKE UP” and empower itself against stereotypes, negativity and the hardships that life presents us in order to make us stronger.

So what am “I” passionate about ?

  1. Fashion

2. Writing/ Communicating to the masses/ Telling bonafide stories

3. Bringing happiness/ power to people

4. Design

5. Overall Education.

Now go out there and have some fun with the time life has alloted us and be yourself through the journey.


    Art Jones

    Written by

    Art Jones

    All opinions are that of my own.

    Words from Another… Millennial

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