From Jane, the 傻大姐

My term in the 29th JCRC has come to an end, and I feel a good closure would be to express my thanks. Along this journey, I have had the help of many and have been shown kindness by even more, hence I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude.

To my subcommittee, thank you to the moon and back because I would not have done much without your help. Shafiqah, Chor Hian, Yu-long, Ruban, Clemence, Renee, Khai Hong, Jia Xuan you guys had been so kind to take time out of your busy schedule to always come down to help, be it canvassing or in exam welfare pack, and it is your help that made my work so much easier. Not to forget Jerms and Kai Ler and many others on the committee who had at one point or another lent a helping hand. I am lacking in so many ways, and I will apologise, but I will also extend my most sincere gratitude! Thank you all! So nice of yall :’)

Also, my dear fellow JCRC members! Thank you all very very much for putting up with my shit and also for always lending a helping hand when I need it. So many times my hands were tied and often I find myself turning to you guys. Thank you all extremely much for always being there, every single time I falter. I’m really sorry I haven’t once properly expressed my gratitude, but I am truly extremely thankful to have all of you by my side. I wouldn’t have been able to manage nor pull myself together had it not been for you guys. Thank you, friends :)

The journey had not been easy, but to the ones who have extended your hand when I fell, the ones who have stayed by my side, the ones who forgave me, and the ones who have made me a better person through the past year, thank you.

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