From Jia Min, (or Jim).

It’s sad now to think the 29th’s term is over, and the 30th have already started in on making their own imprints in our beloved. The journey has been long and yet too short now that it’s over. But, I realised, that through this journey, that when people describe ‘hall pride’, for me, this pride stems from the pride and love I have for the people of this hall. These people have worked hard in their own ways to make hall 6 a hall worth loving, worth the pride in showing others. The culture we always promote to others would not be there if not for every senior that stayed on, and every generation having new people step up to continue cultivating what we love of our hall. Amongst those people, include the 29th JCRC that I’ve had the honour and luck of having been in the same committee with. ❤

It is not to say, I did not have regrets — OMG, too much, too many regrets, long periods of angst, countless sleepless nights — but in the end, I do not regret undertaking the portfolio of 29th’s Publicity Director. I have gained so much from my journey; be it in speaking or stepping out or precious friends, that I can’t imagine how I would be now had I not decided to take that first step during hsoc 2015, to run for publicity.

So, here’s to a few people:

To our subcommers ❤

Thank you, all of you, for every bit of effort, in every time you tried to help us out for the decorations, for brainstorming. REALLY BIG THANKS ❤ Hope y’all will continue to maybe help the next few pubbies directors too, especially those of you who are, by now, resident spidermen and painting pros. Thank you.

To the 29th ❤

AHAHAHA adding on to what i already wrote to you all, thanks for being a great bunch of people to work with. (Special thanks to our Laoda, Klinzrap, too, for being there to guide this clueless sheep from the start.)



HI. WE HAVE TOO MANY THINGS IN COMMON (including surname omg), but I’m glad we had the mutual passion for publicity that pulled us together and through our term as 29th pubbies. You helped to calm me down when I was too worried about the many tasks piling up, and always there for me to bounce ideas off. We have very different yet similar design styles, and that always helped us to create the best results we wouldn’t have without each other. Thank you for putting up with all my nonsensical phrases and having to slowly create a Jiamin-translator. I MISS YOU. (this is not a confession) Thank you so much, Yi. MUCH LUBLUB ❤ #bestpartner

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