From Jiahui, (大便鱼 V2.0)

“Omg how are you still awake?! You used to toh before 11 without fail eh” That was definitely the most common question asked by friends who knew me before I entered Uni. Undeniably, one of the greatest problems I had during the beginning of the term was to stay awake past 12am. Those were the days when I could simply nod off while editing photos, the days when my mind spaced off during discussions, the days when I skipped my morning lessons. Those were the days I doubted my decision in running for JCRC.

However, right now as we have officially handover, all I could wish for is a longer term as 29th. You guys are definitely the few people I met who are so generous, supportive and accommodating. Thank you for all those times when you guys offered to help, especially during IHG season, when the number of matches to cover was omg soso many; for those times we randomly started shouting in JCRCR, which somehow instantly lifted my mood. (and not forgetting the many steamboats we had, drives to extension in the wee hours, Club6 and squeezing the 17 of us into 2 cars) Without doubt, there were regrets made this past year and the greatest one would be not opening up myself sooner. Thank god for the chance during IHG period — the period we spent countless of days and nights supporting Sixians and watching movies in JCRCR. Thank you 29th, for being my family away from home and for allowing me to annoy you guys HAHAH life in hall will no longer be the same as we stepped down but I really do look forward to our many gatherings and more overseas trips!! (pleaseplease don’t have it during my internship HAHAHAH)

To my dearest partner-in-crime:
PURRR!! For being the one who listened to my stupid ideas (and sometimes blabbers) and helped make them realistic, the one who acted like an older sister to this annoying kid and the one who covered my many shifts when I had to leave for dance, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m definitely going to miss those 5am moments at the concourse and those times when we edit photos till daybreak. Every moment spent with you (including those tiring nights) was a joyful and laughter-filled one. I LOVE YOU ♥

To Kailin:
Klinzipieee!! I’m really glad to have you as my Top 4 in-charge. Thank you for your ADM inputs and for staying up with Perlyn and I till 4/5am in ADM just to finish up Alchemy. Our term will not be as accomplishing (especially for our Sem 2 Alchemy) without you. Really really xiexieni!!

To my Publications Subcommers:
I’m really grateful to have you guys. Thank you for your help during hall events and especially the IHG Season. I’m certain that Perlyn and I would have collapsed if not for you guys HAHAH and also, for helping us with the write-ups in Alchemy!! Writing articles were the topmost of our initial concerns so thank you for making our job much more manageable. We’re really sorry for not putting in much effort to bond you guys but thanks for being part of our term in JCRC and for all the friendships formed.

To Sixians:
Thank you for believing in Perlyn and I and for the many encouragements and compliments throughout this tough journey. Without you guys, we would not have been able to come this far and our roles as the 29th Publications Directors would definitely not be as fulfilling. #hall6hallpride (do continue using this hashtag on Instagram kayy HAHAHAH)

❤, Jia Hui