From Jiayi, (aka Jay).

It’s been one entire year since I came into Hall 6, and throughout this one year I’ve experience so much from this big hall family. I sincerely thank everyone who is a friend/acquaintance/person who I recognize but do not know the name of. You may never know if you did create some kind of impact in my life!

I wouldn’t say I know everyone, or that I know a lot of people since I have been kind of reserved. However, I’m thankful for all the bonds that were created right here in these four blocks. I can have friends who I do not know really well helping me out with things, random chats with people that I never did have the chance to stop and talk to, all because somehow, everyone is connected through mutual friends/events. With each hall event, I can get to know some people better. It seems to be an impossible task to know each and every person but I’m just thankful for the opportunities that hall has provided for me to widen my social circle.

As a Publicity director, I must acknowledge that this position gave me chances to reach out to the community in hall 6. It can be my subcommittee, other portfolio’s subcommittee or even people who just happen to pass by, I really appreciate all the help provided from you guys! No one is obliged to help, honestly, and the fact that you all took time to do all this really meant a lot to me. So, a shout-out to everyone who helped in one way or another, thank you!!

At the same time, I may have inadequacies which I shall not write here to bore everyone but do forgive me for anything I have not exactly done right! Learning is a lifelong journey and I’m just 20 years into it so… forgive me guys :).

Now, to my partner Jiamin!! Thanks for everything! You may sometimes feel that I’m a support to you but the fact is that I rely on you just as much!! Compared to other people you probably will bear the burden of my annoying angst-ing self much more when it appears since we are working partners haha thanks for tolerating me in that aspect.

To my fav 29th, thanks for bringing me joy and laughter throughout this journey! Although being in JCRC may have caused some stressful/tiring moments, the fact that we were all in it together made it bearable. We endured hot/cold weather conditions, got drunk together, fell asleep during long meetings, got sore throats from all the singing and even just froze to death from all the lame jokes made by some people. All this memories will definitely stay with me. Thanks for everything 29th!!!

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