From San, Ms Cult.

So my journey as a JCRC member has come to a close.

In the short span of a year, I think I aged 10 years. The journey wasn’t easy but it was indeed enriching. I was able to experience one hundred and one problems and since I emerged fine, I think I can take on the world. HAHAHA, KEEDING. On a serious note, I wish to apologise for my inadequacies and express gratitude to the people that have supported me throughout this arduous journey.

I would like to extend my gratitude to 29th for the unwavering support, Jan my best subcommer for being so dedicated and forever so helpful, Lokshing for being the permanent sound guy (albeit unwilling LOL), Wei Jie for putting in so much effort for dance and being ever so responsive and nice, Haikal, Chorhian, Thomas and Wengz, for being the best stage hands, Jun Lin for helping S.I.X and providing great advice, Xuan Jie for helping out with the sound system, Shafiqah and Jeanette for publicity and the many other subcommers who helped me even in the smallest way.


To the 30th, if you face hate, screw it. We are just university students doing our best for a cause we have passion in, not professionals. As long as you have done your best, don’t allow anyone to get to you.

One of the reasons I joined was to grow up and through this journey, I think I did. Finally, I would say I’m relieved to finally close this chapter. Byebye.

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